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We show you some of the best spots on Anglesey


Housing one of Wales’ most spectacular castles, Beaumaris started life as a Viking settlement some time before the thirteenth century during when the castle was built.

The Town is situated on the south eastern coast of Anglesey overlooking the Menai Straights.

The main street (Castle Street) houses a selection of shops, cafes, pubs and eateries and there is also quite a splendid Church on Church Street which has some quite interesting oriental looking stonework adorning it.

There are two golf courses nearby and the harbour is also very popular. Beaumaris is blessed with some lovely views over the Menai Straights and the mountains of north Wales beyond.

Map showing location of Beaumaris in Anglesey

Beumarris Castle Beaumaris Castle
View of the Harbour View of the Harbour

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