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Cambrian Hills and Teifi Pools

Situated on Ceredigion’s eastern border with Powys are the Cambrian Hills. These hills are the source of three of Wales’ largest Rivers – The River Severn, The River Wye and The Teifi River.

The hills contain a wealth of history in the form of Bronze Age cairns, stone circles and megaliths. Roman roads criss cross the hills and ancient drovers routes can be followed for miles. In the valleys there is a good chance that you will come across old lead, silver and zinc mine workings – some dating back to the Romano Celtic period.

In the western foot hills you can find the ruins of Strata Florida Abbey – a Cistercian abbey founded in 1164 and situated just outside Pontrhydfendigaid, near Tregaron. The Monks settled here and made good use of the grazing that the hills surrounding them offered.

Just north east of Strata Florida Abbey are the Teifi Pools, a series of small lakes left over after the last ice age and the source of the River Teifi which flows some 70 plus miles down to the sea at Cardigan in the south of the County.

Map showing location of the Cambrian Hills in Ceredigion

According to wikipedia ‘This barren and sparsely populated ‘wilderness’ is often referred to as the Desert of Wales’ and once you are up in the hills you begin to understand why. There are so many places where there are no visible signs of human habitation, you could well believe that you were in a desert wilderness.

During the 1970’s an attempt was made to make the Cambrian Hills Wales’ fourth National Park, but the attempt was met with so much opposition that a National Park Status was not awarded.

If you are looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat, there are a selection of choices in nearby Tregaron, Pontrhydfendegaid and Fair-Rhos – which can all be found on the B4343.

Walking in the Cambrian Hills Walking in the Cambrian Hills
Strata Florida Abbey Strata Florida Abbey
View of Cambrian Hills View of Cambrian Hills
Teifi Pools Teifi Pools, source of the River Teifi

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