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Top 9 Beaches for all the family in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has a wealth of beaches to choose from and our list below is just a small selection from them. For this article, we are concentrating on beaches with easy access from a nearby car park, RNLI Lifeguards during the summer months and a good range of facilities nearby, creating the ideal family-friendly destination.

Keep reading to discover the best family beaches in Pembrokeshire …

Poppit Sands

1. Poppit Sands

Poppit Sands is a large sandy dune-backed beach a mile to the west of St Dogmaels. During school holidays, Poppit Sands can become very busy and if you are planning a visit be sure to get there early so that you can park. This family-friendly beach is also one of the most popular surfing beaches in Pembrokeshire, with smaller waves – ideal for beginners.

At Poppit, you will find car parking (paid during holidays), a cafe, RNLI Lifeguards and WC’s

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A Camper van parked on Newport Sands
2. Newport Sands

Newport Sands, one of the best beaches in West Wales, lies on the northern side of the Nevern Estuary near the Town of Newport. There is a mile of dune-backed sandy beach which is flanked by cliffs on both sides – making for a quite sheltered spot. A section of the beach has been allocated for cars to park on.

Facilities at Newport Sands include a small ice cream shop/cafe, RNLI station and lifeguards, two car parks (charges apply during the summer) and WC’s.

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Whitesands beach

3. Whitesands Beach

Whitesands is situated some 2 miles from St David’s on Pembrokeshire’s northwest coast. As the name suggests there is sand and it is also white but to make the best of this beach visit when the tide is low as much of the beach can be submerged on incoming tides. As one of Pembrokeshire’s favourite beaches, Whitesands Beach is popular amongst families.

There is a car park (paid for), WC’s, Lifeguards and a cafe.

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Newgale north beach

4. Newgale (North)

Newgale (North) is on Pembrokeshire’s west coast. Newgale is a huge beach and is very popular with surfers as well as families. Another to visit at low tide as there is not much sand left (if any) on a high tide.

There is a car park (paid for), WC’s, Lifeguards, a cafe and a pub.

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Newgale south beach

5. Newgale (South)

Newgale (South) is situated a mile or so south along the coast from Newgale North.

There is a car park (paid for), WC’s, Lifeguards and a cafe.

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Broad Haven beach

6. Broad Haven

Broad Haven is a good sized beach on Pembrokeshire’s west coast, overlooked by the village of Broad Haven. There is about a mile of sand backed by a seawall and the beach is flanked on both side by cliffs.

There is a car park (paid for), WC’s, Lifeguards. In the village, you will find pubs, cafe’s and shops.

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Tenby north beach

7. Tenby North Beach

Tenby North Beach is a sandy beach situated next to Tenby’s harbour.

There is a car park a short walk away (paid for), WC’s, Lifeguards. In the Town, you will find pubs, cafe’s and shops.

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Tenby south beach

8. Tenby South Beach

Tenby South Beach is a large sandy beach situated below Tenby Golf Course.

There are two car parks just a short walk away (paid for), WC’s, Lifeguards.

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Saundersfoot beach

9. Saundersfoot Beach

Saundersfoot is a wide, flat and sandy beach situated below the seaside resort of Saundersfoot.

There is a car park just a short walk away (paid for), WC’s, and Lifeguards. In the Village, you will find pubs, cafe’s and shops.

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There are plenty of family-friendly beaches in Pembrokeshire to enjoy with your kids. Looking for your next family holiday? Take a look at our range of family holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire.