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Blue Lagoon Water Park

As winter was setting in and the weather was beginning to take a turn for the worst, the kids started to become restless and bored as they were unhappy with having to do the same thing every time we have a wet day. So after a number of hours of the 12 year old saying ‘Mum I’m bored’ we made the decision to go and try out the Blue Lagoon Water Park.

We arrived half an hour before our booked time slot (I will always advise you book in advance online) and discovered that we had left behind the bag with all the 3 year olds swimming items back at the house. Lucky for us the Wave shop has anything and everything you can think to need when taking you family swimming. So the little one got her arm bands and her Jungle blow-up ring and off we went.

For the little one who had only been swimming a number of times we walked through the shower and in to the pool area and oh the look on her face, it was like Christmas and Easter had all come at once. Within 30 seconds of letting go of her hand to try and attach her arm bands she was off darting straight for the water and the small water jets at the entrance to the pool.

Although both kids are a number of years apart in age they both loved the lazy river and it slow flowing water with water jets at different locations for an added bonus. As we came round the lazy river for what felt like the 100th time an alarm sounded. Don’t be too worried it is not the fire alarm it the wave alarm. Thought the waves begin very mildly they soon pick up pace and you can find yourself pushed back to the entrance of the pool. Over all this noise all we could hear was the little one giggling as she clung to the neck of our 12 year old.

After an hour and a half of being in the pool the adults decided that it was time for a much needed cup of coffee and the waterside cafe is the perfect place to sit an enjoy a cup of something warm or a cold drink. The children decided that this was the perfect time for an ice cream before we re-entered the pool.

After re-entering the pool the kids decided they had had enough of the lazy river and the oldest was off on the water slides and the little one wanted to play in the toddler pool. With having different age children I did get a bit worried about the eldest on the slides as I was unable to see him but soon discovered that once he was down the slide in order for him to go back up he had to pass where we were splashing.

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Map showing location of the Blue lagoon Water Park in Pembrokeshire

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