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Ruins at Cwmystwyth

A valley in northern Ceredigion and also the name of a small village located in the valley, Cwmystwyth has been the site of mining activity for centuries. Ancient mine working tools have been discovered in the area leading historians to believe that the valley has been occupied and mined since the time of the Celts.

Lead, Silver and Zinc were being extracted in the Valley until the late 19th century.

The valley is stunningly beautiful being intertwined with small wooded copses and the River Ystwyth winding its way to the sea at Aberystwyth. Even at the location of the old abandoned mine workings the landscape is oddly pleasing to the eye.

Today the valley is remote and quiet, but it must have been a very different story during the 18th century when the mines were working at full capacity.

Follow the road up the Valley to the point where it intersects with the start of the Elan Valley for a real feeling of remoteness. The only man made object you can see here is the road and there is a good chance that the only other visitors you will see, will be mountain sheep grazing amongst the boulders.

Places to eat are few and far between out here, but there are the Hafod Hotel and Two Hoots Cafe at Devil’s Bridge or the Miners Arms at Pontrhydygroes.

View of Valley View of Valley
View of Valley View of Valley
Dissused Quarry Buildings Dissused Quarry Buildings
River Ystwyth River Ystwyth

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