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Fishguard Port

There’s plenty of interesting landmarks to be discovered along Pembrokeshire’s beautiful coast, and one of those is the historic Fishguard Fort.

Built in the late 18th century, it was designed to act as a defence against forces travelling across the coast – and proved very successful. Nowadays, visitors can walk around the ruins and enjoy the spectacular sea views from the top.

Curious to find out more? Here’s all you need to know about Fishguard Fort…

A day trip to Fishguard Fort

fishguard fort

Fishguard Fort was built in about 1780 and in February 1797 the French troops arrived in Fishguard Bay in four men o’ war ships but were forced westward when fired upon by the canon from Fishguard fort which was armed with eight nine-pounder guns.

The locals hurried to mobilise volunteers during the attack and it is said that the French army’s surrender is due to the women of the town. The Welsh women led by the infamous Jemima Nicholas lined the hillside and were wearing their tall black hats and red cloaks which made the French believe that the town was guarded by British grenadiers.

The cannons still remain and the site boasts spectacular views overlooking Goodwick harbour, Fishguard, and Lower Fishguard which is popular with local fishermen and recreational fishing and sailing. The site is on the route of the Pembrokeshire coastal path but can also be accessed by road. If you don’t fancy the 0.5 mile walk from lower Fishguard or the 1-mile walk from the centre of upper Fishguard; there is a car park is just a short walk from the Fort.

The site is also great for watching the ferry’s going to and from Ireland, as well as spotting fishing boats and local wildlife.

During the summer there is usually an ice cream van parked in the Fort car park for refreshments. There is also a quayside cafe in Lower Town or a host of eateries in Fishguard. If you fancy trying something different – head to Ffwrn on Fishguard High Street.

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