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Talley Abbey

Founded by the native ruler of South Wales, Rhys ap Gruffydd, in the 1180s, Talley Abbey was the only abbey in Wales that offered a place of worship for Premonstratensian monks.

A lack of funds meant that the abbey was never completed, although visitors can see just how ambitious the architectural plans were as they wander through the now-ruined remains of Talley Abbey in Carmarthenshire. Set between twin lakes, this historic abbey is well worth a visit – the idyllic setting is so peaceful, and you’ll find plenty of lovely walks in the nearby area.

Curious to learn more about this once important abbey? Here are some interesting facts about Talley Abbey…

5 interesting facts about Talley Abbey – An abbey with so much history…

talley abbey

1. There’s still some great examples of architecture within the ruins

Dating from the 12th century, the abbey is now little more than a few ruins which house some splendid gothic arches. Some examples of fine stone quoin work remain on the corners of some ruined pillars, so be sure to keep a keen eye out.

2. There are two beautiful lakes next to the abbey

There are two lakes nearby – Upper Talley Lake and Lower Talley Lake which could well have been used to feed the monks who once lived at the Abbey.

3. You can find some great traditional inns nearby

The nearest places to grab some food and a drink are at Llansawel (follow the B4302 north and then take the B4337) where you will find the Angel Inn and also the Black Lion.

4. Henry VIII was responsible for dissolving the abbey

Henry VIII decided to dissolve the abbey during his reign. After this, the abbey’s structure was mined by the villagers for stone. The stone was then used to create much of the present village, as well as the smaller chapel that sits next to the abbey.

5. The parish was a popular place to call home during Victorian times!

During the Victorian times, the parish of Talley was home to over 1,000 inhabitants. Perhaps it was the pretty lakes or the peaceful woodland setting that made so many fall in love with the area.

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