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A small village and beach hidden in a beautiful valley on the Ceredigion coast.

Cwmtydu has seen human activity for thousands of years and just along the coast path to the north of Cwmtydu beach you can find the remains of and Iron Age farmstead – now mostly washed away by the sea, a raised earthen bank is all that is still visible.

The village is very popular during the summer months and with limited parking it is advisable to set off early if you wish to park. In the village is a small cafe, a take away that also sells ice creams and not much else.

Behind the beach is a very well-preserved limekiln which would have supplied the valley and surrounds with lime for fields and buildings during the last century or two.

The section of the all Wales Coast Path the runs through Cwmtydu offers some serious climbs and some serious views making it well worth the effort if even just for short walks.

Map showing location of Cwmtydu in Ceredigion

Cwmtydu Beach Cwmtydu Beach
Looking up Cwmtydu Valley Looking up Cwmtydu Valley
Cwmtydu Village Cwmtydu Village
Cwmtydu Limekiln Cwmtydu Lime kiln

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