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Want to help create the best photos for your cottage? We have created a handy blog to help you get your cottage looking perfect for your photoshoot!

On the day

stable cottage

One of our friendly team members will contact you a few weeks before your photoshoot to confirm the date and time.

Our photographer comes equipped with lots of decorations and furnishings.  if you like, you can also add your own decorations such as fresh flowers or a homemade cake! We will also dress the tables for you, however, if you prefer, you can do this yourself and add your own special touches!

You are welcome to be in the house on the day of the photo shoot, however, it is much easier for our photographer if the property is empty as this means that she can easily move around and take as many photos as she likes without any distractions.

Please make sure that your spare keys are in a key safe on arrival and that the code is provided beforehand!

Spick and Span!

  • Have a good hoover!
  • Check all appliances are working
  • Put away your belongings
  • Check for any broken furniture


aberglasney gardens

Clean up the garden and the front of the property. When guests come, the first thing they will notice is the exterior of the house and general tidiness. Cutting the grass or completing light weeding will have a big impact! We have to show the true nature of the property, so we can’t edit plants, weeds, and trees out of pictures, so if you want your cottage to be fresh and well-maintained, please do it before the photographers visit!

Living areas

Glyn Yr Efail

  • Double check that all the bedding and pillowcases fit and that all patterns match!
  • Clean and iron linen to ensure that there aren’t any markings or stains.
  • Remember to put any personal belongings away in the cupboards.
  • Check that lights functioning; our photographer may want to switch them on to ‘set the mood.’
  • If you’d like to put towels at the foot of the bed, please roll or fold them nicely.


Seabrook, Broadhaven

  • Go around the property and check any walls for scuff marks, scratches, and paint chips – this is critical if you want your cottage to appear well-kept.
    Patio furniture is also important1 This needs cleaning or varnishing; this will make your furniture more robust and long-lasting before a busy season! (It will also look better in photos)
  • Who wants a green patio? Please ensure that the patio is clean and that any big weeds have been cleared.
    Ensure that all amenities are in good working order. i.e. no leaks, broken tiles, broken draws, etc.
    Make sure the outside of your home is free of clutter such as cardboard, bicycles, general waste, and kids toys.

By ensuring that your holiday home is spick and span and photoshoot ready, it means that you will get the best possible pictures helping you stand out from the crowd and generate bookings.