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When you finally get the keys to your cottage, it can be such an exciting day. You are ready to start renovating, buying furniture and making the place feel like home! Whatever stage of your letting journey you are at, it is likely that you will have a lot of Holiday Home questions for us!

Our friendly team are here to help and guide you through your letting journey. We have created a blog  below to help answer some of your holiday home questions:

Dewi Villa

Will I still be able to use my holiday cottage?

Of course you can! You will get a booking allowance between April – September as these are our busy months, however, there are no restrictions between October and March. If you do want to make an owner booking, please make sure that you let one of our Owner Relations experts know. One of the team will update the system and book out the dates for you. You can put owner bookings in online as well through your OW portal. This helps us ensure that all availability is correct online.

What happens if a guest damages my property?

We understand that this can be quite worrying for owners. It is important to understand that wear and tear does happen, especially if you have had a busy summer season full of bookings. Most guests will be respectful of your holiday home. For most properties, we take a good housekeeping bond or damage bond which will cover damages in case of an accident. This gives you that extra bit re-assurance. Again, for the majority of our properties, we offer accidental damage protection and personal liability insurance.

In the rare event that your property does get damaged, our team will come out and inspect. We have a resolutions team who will deal with the situation and ensure that any damages are communicated with the guest.

Should I accept dogs in my property?

We’ve also noticed a growing demand for pet-friendly properties following a surge in pet ownership during lockdown. 43% of the UK now own a dog.  Families are choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays and are choosing to bring their dogs with them.  More families are exploring Wales and are enjoying the outdoors. With gorgeous beaches, picturesque towns and vast fields, it really is the perfect place to bring your four legged friend!

Why not add a list of dog friendly restaurants, pubs and beaches to your guest handbook to help your guests create the perfect holiday!

Although very rare, occasionally dogs may create some small damage. We have implemented a few rules to help minimize this:

  • No dogs on sofas, beds or furniture
  • £25 cost per dog that will help with any extra cleaning fees
  • No dogs should be left unattended in the property
  • It is their responsibility to clean up any mess.

I’ve decided to accept pets, what do you advise?

If you do choose to accept pets into your property, think about the furnishings. It would be more advisable to choose laminate or wooden flooring in living areas. This will help with cleaning. Accidents happen and it is much easier to wipe a floor than it is to get a stain out of a carpet!

While most guests will try to keep their pets off furniture, it’s not always possible. ( Some pets can be unpredictable!) having sofa covers or a washable blanket, can help prevent stains.

Lots of guests will bring their own blankets and bed for their dog, however, providing extra dog blankets, treats and toys can be a nice touch and will make the pooch feel at home.

How should I decorate my holiday let?

Glyn Yr Efail

Grab your paintbrushes and get creative! It can be quite hard to start with a blank canvas. One thing to remember is not to make your cottage too niche when it comes to decorations. You want the cottage to appeal to all ages/ guests.

Firstly, think of a theme. This could be a location, colour or even an animal! If your cottage is by the coast, why not add coastal furnishings such as shells, decorative boats or pretty coastal paintings? If your cottage is on a farm, you could have farmhouse theming throughout such as animal cushions, rustic vases, or traditional quilts. The Range, Dunelm and IKEA all have good quality furnishings for small prices.

Pictures really do make a big difference in your cottage, even putting up a couple in each room, makes the cottage have personality. Having a well decorated holiday cottage will make your cottage stand out in photos and will make the cottage feel more homely for your guests.

If you are struggling for ideas, our friendly team know a few interior designers who will be more than happy to advise. You can also take a look at some of the properties in our portfolio to get an idea.

Should I provide a welcome pack?

Yes! This is such a nice touch for your guests. Some of your guests may have traveled hours to visit your cottage. Even if you simply provide coffee, tea bags and milk, it will be much appreciated after a long journey!

If you want to get even more creative and make your holiday cottage stand out from the crowd, you can add fresh flowers, local cheese/ cakes/ jams and other household items.

Am I responsible for cleaning and maintenance?

Over the past few years, we have created valuable  partnerships with reliable housekeeping agencies and companies. You can be assured that each guest will arrive to a spotless property with fresh linen, towels and carpets.

We also have our managed service option where we will take the weight off your shoulders…Whether you need us to change a light bulb or fix a broken chair, we will be there to help.

What do I do if there is an issue in my cottage?

If a guest arrives at your property and has no hot water or the WIFI isn’t working, don’t worry! If you choose our Managed Service Option, our team will handle it. Our dedicated team are on hand to help with any issues, giving you peace of mind that everything is covered.

What are the costs involved in letting my holiday home?

It’s difficult to provide an exact cost as this will depend on the size of your property, however, the main costs are outlined below:

Running Costs:

  • Hot Tub Maintenance
  • changeover costs
  • Subscriptions / utilities

Yearly Costs:

  • Home furnishings / updating
  • Agency Fees
  • Safety Checks
  • Insurance
  • Accounting

Will I have to replace everything every year?

General wear and tear is to be expected, some small items will break i.e. glasses plates etc, you may need to add a few new ones at the end of a busy season. When it comes to furniture, We recommend investing in good quality furnishings to ensure that they are long lasting.

Should I accept short breaks?

  • Accepting short breaks will provide potential guests with more flexibility– some customers may be put off from booking if they cannot select their preferred arrival dates.This opens up your cottage to more last minute bookings, helping generate more income.
  • Appeal to a wider audience – Short breaks are becoming increasingly popular. if you allow customers to book short breaks, you will be putting your cottage in front of a wider audience allowing more bookings and more income.

Should I add an electric charge point in my holiday cottage?

It’s convenient

90% of electric vehicle owners charge their vehicle at home. There may be charging points near your holiday cottage, but it won’t be the most convenient for your guests and could cause ‘range anxiety’.  Charging your car can take a really long time and guests don’t want to spend their holiday time sitting in a supermarket car park charging their vehicle.

How would I charge for it?

You could increase your weekly rental by about £10 to include the cost, however, if a guest is spending a lot of money to stay in your cottage, this could be considered as ‘penny pinching’ a guest may only use the charger once and it is very difficult to determine how much electricity they have used.  There are a few ways around this. You can get a charge card charger. This means that a guest will tap their card and enter their details, a bill will then be sent to the guest to pay for the electricity usage. This also means that you are not charging a flat rate for every guest.

What type of charger should I go for?

  • Rapid charging
  • Normal EV unit
  • Charge Card & Monitor
  • You also have the option to have key switch fitted to stop people using the charger when the cottage is unattended


There are lots of things to consider when starting your letting journey, we are here to help and guide you through the process. If you are interested in letting your cottage, get in touch today!