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winter Snow with shovel

The winter season is upon us! Throughout this blog, we will share some of our top tips on getting your cottage ready for winter.



winter Snow with shovel

A locked shed or garage is the best place to store BBQs, inflatable hot tubs, garden games and outdoor furniture.  During these frosty and wet winter months, you do not want your lovely outdoor rattan furniture getting damp or mouldy! In case you do not have the space to bring it indoors, you can always invest in a strong, durable cover waterproof cover. This will take up less room inside the shed so that you can store other items.

Cracks, missing roof tiles and broken guttering can cause leaks, particularly during periods of heavy rain. It is no secret that Wales has strong winds! Check the roof tiles to ensure that none are loose and they won’t fly off and damage your property.

It is possible for branches to break in windy weather, damaging gardens and properties. To prevent damage to your property, we recommend cutting back trees and removing any large branches that could pose a risk.

Frost, strong winds, snow, and ice are just a few of the things that can be expected in winter, especially in Wales! Especially in winter in rural areas, snow and ice can be bad. A good idea is to provide a shovel, grit/ salt and a brush, this will make it a little bit easier for your guests if they do get bad weather during their stay.


mould on window

Cottages can be prone to mould and damage, especially in Winter!  It is important to keep your cottage warm in the winter by choosing a cost-effective setting or using an energy-efficient smart heating control system. Did you know that you can install a Hive meter that can be connected to a smartphone? It is even possible to control your heating remotely from anywhere in the world! Make sure your cottage is nice and toasty for your guests by turning up the heating a few hours before they arrive.

Using this method can reduce dampness, mould, and the likelihood of pipes freezing! You don’t want your guests to arrive at a frosty house, so keep this in mind so they have a great stay!

Decorating for winter!

We love decorating for winter! you can go minimal with cosy wintry touches such as fluffy cushions, wintry blankets and minimal decorations or you can go all out with a winter cabin theme or snowy forest!

As the sun sets earlier in winter, we recommend providing small laps or a big floor light, this can ensure that the property feels light and cosy on those darker nights. Change your cushion covers every now and then to add a new look to the room and reuse them over time.

crackling fire

Stock up for winter!

Make sure your property is stocked with essential supplies such as toilet rolls, dishwasher tabs, tea towels, salt & pepper etc.  Providing logs or a fire starter kit is always welcome if you have a fire. (Add details of where to find more logs in your guest welcome book.)

Update your welcome pack! You can even make this Christmas-themed! You can add mince pies, a small bottle of wine or bubbly, a personalised Christmas card or even a small advent calendar or chocolate for any young children staying. These little touches will make your guests stay! It is unlikely that guests will want to venture out in the dark in an unfamiliar area when they arrive in the dark. In the winter, it’s always a good idea to leave some first-night essentials!