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Devil's Bridge Wales

Set within the heart of the Cambrian Mountains in Ceredigion, the Devil’s Bridge Falls are a series of unique waterfalls that have attracted visitors to the area since the 18th century.

Just 12 miles from the town of Aberwystwyth, the Devil’s Bridge Waterfalls are surrounded by beautiful woodland which is especially scenic during the autumn months.

If you’re planning a walking holiday in Wales, they’re definitely worth a visit. Steeped in history and legend, there’s plenty to discover.

Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Devil’s Bridge and Devil’d Bridge Falls…

Devil’s Bridge, Wales

The three bridges at Devil's Bridge Falls.

Devil’s Bridge (Pontarfynach) is a charming village in Ceredigion, with an unusual road bridge from which the village gets its English name.

The bridge has been a popular tourist attraction for over 100 years. The unique structure is actually three bridges, built on top of one another.

The most recently built bridge is an iron bridge that was erected over the older arches in 1901. The original bridge is medieval, whilst the second bridge is a stone structure built in 1753.

Where is Devil’s Bridge?

A waterfall over the Devil Bridge Falls

Devil’s Bridge is located just 12 miles from Aberystwyth, nestled deep within the Mid Wales Cambrian Mountains.

You can travel from Aberystwyth to Devil’s Bridge aboard the Vale of Rheidol Steam Train, enjoying 12 miles of breathtaking Welsh scenery.

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Devil’s Bridge Falls

Devil Bridge Falls

A spectacular waterfall attraction, Devil’s Bridge Falls is one of our favourite things to do in West Wales. Every year, hundreds of visitors come to see the 300ft Mynach Waterfalls, hidden deep within an ancient wooded gorge.

Explore the magnificent falls by foot on the Devil’s Bridge Fall Nature Trail, a family-friendly circular walk taking approximately 45 minutes. If you’re pushed for time, then the Three Bridges and Punchbowl Trail only takes 10 minutes.

Both walks involve a number of steps and uneven surfaces, so please come prepared with the right footwear.

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Facts about the Devil’s Bridge Waterfalls

Devil's Bridge, Wales

Are you heading to Devil’s Bridge Falls? Impress your loved ones with these fascinating facts…

  1. Spanning the River Mynach in North Ceredigion The Devil’s Bridge, Wales is actually three bridges, one built upon the other at various times throughout history.
  2. The first bridge was built during Norman times, the second during the 18th century and the third was built during the 20th century.
  3. Technically, the Devil’s Bridge Waterfalls cascades across five major drops, totaling a 91 meters drop – amongst the highest in Wales.
  4. You can venture down into the ravine via what is called locally as ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ – a series of steep steps leading down the side of the valley.
  5. In the village, which is very popular during the summer season you can find tea rooms, a restaurant and a village store.
  6. There is a great Welsh legend about how the first bridge was built. Check out these myths and legends of Wales to discover how Devil’s Bridge came into existence.
  7. Devil’s Bridge is set within a Site of Special Scientific Interest (S.S.S.I), home to many varieties of mosses and lichens.

Looking to visit Devil’s Bridge Falls? Discover the myths and legends of Wales from one of our charming Ceredigion holiday cottages.