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We show you some of the best spots in Ceredigion

Sunset at Mwnt Beach

For sunbathing, this is the best beach on the whole coast, for it acts as a natural suntrap. If you have small children, plenty of Rock Pools to explore and the sand is clean and ideal for sand castle building! Swimming is safe ” if you keep within the bay (It’s not lifeguarded) The rocks on the edge of the adjacent headland are very popular with sea anglers. (Mackerel, Bass, Pollack & eels abound)

Our First Minister, Rhodri Morgan sums up the attractions of Mwnt succinctly: “It’s a wonderful location – Mwnt is my special place because it has given me, since 1946, my children since the late 1960s, and now their children, the best holiday experiences you could ask for.

It has a wonderful beach for swimming. The water is considered cold by some, but it is incredibly clear and you can swim well offshore without the danger of currents taking you where you don’t want to go”.

Map showing location of Mwnt in Ceredigion

Even the normally “unbiased” National Trust waxes almost lyrical about Mwnt!

Safe family beach that is packed with unusual maritime flora. Surrounded by agricultural pastureland, the horseshoe-shaped bay is an idyllic place for a quiet picnic, with the call of wild birds adding to the soothing nature of this peaceful spot.

From the beach, families can catch a glimpse of Atlantic seals and bottle-nosed dolphins that are often seen displaying their skills in the bay”.

International fame now beckons, for Mwnt has recently featured on film – “Mein Til Tujhko Diyaa” (I give you my heart). As it was a Bollywood production, perhaps you missed it!


Lots of Bottle Nosed Dolphins and Atlantic Grey seals to watch. Last August, I chatted to a lady sitting on a canvas stool, counting Dolphins ” she claimed to have spotted ten that day, so there is a very real chance of you seeing one.

For Bird Watchers there are Chough, Peregrine Falcons, Stone Chat as well as plenty of the more common sea birds.

On the debit side, it has over 130 steps leading down to the beach, which means difficult access if you are elderly, disabled or have a pushchair.

Other Information

The National Trust manages the beach and its surroundings.


The National Trust and Ceredigion’s policy is not to allow dogs on beaches from the 1st May to 30th September.

“Mwnt is packed with coastal flora such as pink thrift and gorse with its heady aroma of coconut. Flowering almost all year round, gorse once had many uses, men would earn five shillings an acre cutting it for cattle and horse feed and it was often used as kindling for bread ovens and limekilns.

An old lime kiln at Mwnt is said to have burned with a transparent blue waving flame, giving off thick acrid yellow smoke. At night, the glow is likely to have been a useful landmark for ships.”

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Secluded Beach at Mwnt Secluded Beach at Mwnt
Old disused lime kiln at Mwnt Old disused lime kiln at Mwnt
Ceredigion Coast Path at Mwnt Ceredigion Coast Path at Mwnt
Stunning Sunset Views from Mwnt Stunning Sunset Views from Mwnt

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