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Carningli Mountain

Without stopping to take in the views, this walk will be in the region of three to four hours, involves a few strenuous sections and is approximately 6 miles long.

Prep list:

  • Food and something to drink
  • Sturdy footwear, fleece and water proof jacket
  • Mobile phone or beacon – there have been two rescues on Carningli in as many years
  • Taking the dog/s – please keep them on a leash whilst on the mountain. There are wild ponies, cattle and hundreds of sheep

Eyes peeled for:

  • Red Kites, Buzzards and Kestrels
  • Wild Ponies, sheep and Long Horn Cattle
  • Grass snakes, Adders and Lizards

Starting in Market Street in Newport, head uphill towards the castle at the top of the street, at the T-junction turn left and follow the road keeping the Church on your left. You will arrive at College Square. From here take the small lane on your right and follow this uphill. This hill becomes quite steep but it is only for a short distance. When the lane forks, take the right hand route and follow this until it becomes a T-junction onto a foot path. Here turn left and follow the footpath bearing right and then upwards and through a small gate. This is a good spot to take a breather, we usually like sitting on the rocks here next to the small mountain stream before continuing onwards towards the summit.

There are many routes that you can now follow to the summit, but for this walk we are going to use the most direct. So from the stream head upwards and keep to the path you are on, you will see that the summit is slightly to your left. Continue on this path until you reach the remains of the Iron Age fort surrounding the summit of Carningli. From this point you will have to pick your own way through the fort walls and the craggy outcrops to reach the highest point.

Depending on the weather, the summit is where we normally stop and enjoy a picnic, taking in the stunning views of the Pembrokeshire coastline, countryside and the Preseli Hills that are now visible to the south and east.

The return leg will take you across the back of the mountain to return to Newport via a small mountain road. So from the summit, descend to the western side, keeping the Preseli Hills to your left, you will notice a stone wall the stretches off into the distance on your left also. Head for this wall and you will find a quite well beaten pathway (larger than the small trails off the summit). Follow this path westwards and after some 30 minutes you will arrive at the small mountain road. Here turn right and follow the road down and back towards Newport. After about half a mile of walking you will be rewarded with one of north Pembrokeshire’s best views. The view down over Dinas Island and across the Bay to Newport Sands and Morfa Head. At this point also look inland to the direction of Newport and you will see three craggy outcrops on the slope of Carningli. This is known locally as the sleeping giant – the largest craggy outcrop being the giants head, then left to the hands resting on the giants chest and left again to the giants feet. If you still have the energy you can climb up onto the giant before following the road back to Newport.

Eventually you will come out onto the main A487 road about half a mile from Newport Town centre. Turn right here and follow the road back to the Town centre, pick a pub, cafe or restaurant and enjoy.

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