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Harry Potters Shell House at Freshwater West

Freshwater West, one of Wales’ premier surfing beaches, has been inundated with Harry Potter fans.

The Shell House was constructed as one of the set’s for the final Harry Potter film – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows starring Daniel Radcliffe and based on the book by J. K.  Rowling.

Actual filming took place between the 11th and 15th May 2010.

Freshwater West; a beautiful wind swept, exposed beach, it is arguably the most consistent surf spot in Wales. It picks up any swell going and holds waves up to around 6ft before becoming unmanageable. The Welsh National Surfing Championships are held at Freshwater West annually during the first bank holiday in May.
When it’s big, most people surf elsewhere or hit the reef in the middle of the bay for high tide. The rip currents at this beach are it’s biggest drawback – so do not go swimming here!!! On a calm, sunny day it can look very inviting but you can’t see the rips beneath the surface.
Many a good day can be spoilt by unyielding rips dragging you off the peak in all directions so make sure you’re a good paddler and keep an eye on where you’re being taken.

Map showing location of Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire

Immediately after the filming of the Harry Potter scenes, another major film was shot at the same location. Robin Hood was filmed during the weeks 15th to 30th June. This was directed by Sir Ridley Scott and will star Russell Crowe.
Some reconstructions of the seaweed drying huts used in the film can be seen here…

Shell cottage, set amongst the sand dunes of Freshwater West was built as a home for one of the elves featured in the film.

The Shell House has now been removed from the beach, we can however, find you a cottage nearly as close to a beach if you wish!

Nearest eatery to Freshwater West can be found along the B4319 – Cafe Mor, nearby at Angle you can find the Hibernia Inn and a little further west at Angle beach is the Wavecrest Cafe.

Shell House and beach at Freshwater WestShell House and beach at Freshwater West
Side view of Shell House and film crewSide view of Shell House and film crew
Detail of Shell House at Freshwater WestDetail of Shell House at Freshwater West
Dramatic Sky over Freshwater West BeachDramatic Winter Sky over Freshwater West Beach

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